Terms & Conditions

The Lancefield offers a homely accommodation experience run by real people!

    Terms and Conditions incorporate the basis upon which reservations are accepted by The Lancefield Lodge. All bookings made directly or via Third party websites or travel agents with the Lancefield Lodge are made subject to the Terms and Conditions.
    1. Reservations are subject to availability and actual pricing at the time of booking.
    2. All quotes are valid for 24hrs only. Any verbal quote given is an estimate only of price, which will be subject to written advice on confirmation of reservation. Rates quoted include room only. Unless stated otherwise.
    3. All accommodation bookings must be guaranteed at the time of reservation by provision of Valid Credit Card details.
    4. This credit card must be valid for the entire stay. AU $500 pre-authorisation will be processed on this card at least 4 days prior to arrival. Please present the credit card used to make the reservation upon check-in at the motel.
    5. If you are booking on behalf of someone else, you must contact the motel directly to arrange for third party billing.
    6. You will not be charged for any accommodation booking prior to the date on which you are due to arrive.
    7. By providing valid credit card details you warrant that you have the authority to use the credit card and you authorise The Lancefield Lodge to charge the cost of your booking to the credit card in the case of cancellation or no show penalties as detailed below.
    8. All reservations will be confirmed by email.
    9. If email is not available, the cancellation policy can be explained over the phone.
    All care must be taken to ensure that the information provided to the Lancefield Lodge is correct. When making a reservation, the following details are required:
    1. Guest Details – name, address, mobile number, ETA, email
    2. Check In date, checkout date, number of nights, Room rate, Room type, Inclusions – room, meals, other requirements, etc)
    3. Consultants Name and contact details Valid Credit Card details – cardholder name
    4. Booking Agents Details – name, phone number,  email
    5. Email address for forwarding invoices
    6. All chargebacks must be received before a booking is confirmed.
    7. Should a chargeback not cover all charges – the guest is required to provide a credit card or bond guarantee for any incidental charges.
    8. Should a Chargeback not be received by the the Lancefield Lodge, the guest will be held accountable to settle all charges at the time of checkin.
    9. For chargebacks that are received after the guests departure where the guest has made payment, we cannot refund and recharge the company credit card.
    10. Credit Card Authority
    11. A Credit Card Authority is required by the Lancefield Lodge when a third party credit card is being used to secure and pay for the booking.
    12. This authority must be received in writing by the Motel, 48 hours prior to guest check-in.
    13. If the authority is not received by the Lancefield Lodge, the guest will be held accountable to settle all charges at the time of checkout.
    1. Bookings will only be deemed Confirmed with a valid credit card, pre authorisation, chargeback and credit card authority.
    2. The person affecting a booking shall be deemed to have accepted the booking Terms and Conditions on behalf of all persons named in the booking.
    3. The person who makes/confirms a booking on behalf of another person shall be deemed to have accepted the booking Terms and Conditions on behalf of all persons named in the booking. It is the booker’s responsibility to ensure that the T & C are passed onto the person/s staying.
    4. The person named on the booking must be the person to sign the guest registration form. Guests must advise if a third person or nominee will check-in on their behalf.
    5.  All registered guests must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
    6. When making a reservation the Lancefield Lodge reserves the right to acquire the following information
      1. guest(s) full name(s)
      2. contact number
      3. email address
      4. a valid credit card number
      5. booker name & contact number
      6. company organisation or government details
      7. Drivers Licence
      8. Car Registration
  4. LEGAL STATEMENT The Lancefield Lodge has a strict policy for handling guest information. The information you provide to Lancefield Lodge is confidential and protected to the fullest extent possible. Lancefield Lodge will not disclose or distribute guest information to third parties without prior written consent by the guest. However by signing the guest registration form you agree to allow us to pass on to persons we deem appropriate your details should you or your visitors, such as but not limited to:
    1. Partying in individual rooms
    2. Fail to settle your account
    3. Smoke in the room
    4. Room degradation (such as vomit, blood, bodily wastes)
    5. General damage to motel property, fittings, fixtures
    6. All non-standard cleaning charges
    7. And or any problem sufficient to result in a room being withdrawn from its availability to let.
    1. Rates quoted on the Lancefield lodge website are in AUD and are subject to change at any time.
    2. Rates are inclusive of GST
    3. Rates do not include meals (unless otherwise stated) , transfers or incidental charges (eg. mini bar purchases etc)
    4. Minimum length of stay restrictions may apply to certain dates during special event periods.
    1. Credit Cards provided at time of booking and being used for payment (including incidentals) must be presented at check in with Photo Id to validate the credit card. Payment of One Night will be
    2. A pre-authorisation of $500 will be processed 4 days prior to the date of arrival.
    3. Settlement of accounts must be made at time of check in
    4. Standard Payments accepted include;
      1. Cash
      2. Mastercard – Credit Card
      3. Visa – Credit Card
      4. American Express Credit Card (1.8% surcharge)
      5. Diners Credit Card (1.8% surcharge)
      6. Personal Cheques NOT accepted
      7. Guests not able to present a credit card on check in must provide full prepayment of all nights’ accommodation plus a bond of $500 at the time of check in accompanied by valid photo identification. Debit Cards are not accepted.
      1. If paying by cash, management needs to be notified by phone or email at least 3 days prior to check in &  a bond of $500 will be organised prior to check in.
      2. At check-out the room/s will be inspected by Reception Staff, the bond (less any charges) will be refunded in person or via nominated bank account, only to the person that paid the bond.
      3. If a booking is made less than three (3) working days prior to arrival date, and the payment is not received, the reservation will only be held until 2pm day of check-in. Alternative arrangements can be made with Management.
    1. Standard check- in time is 2.00pm. The name of the booking (or nominee) must be the person checking in.
    2. Standard check- out time is 10.00am
    3. For guaranteed arrival prior to 2pm, a room must be reserved from the previous night and therefore includes an additional nightly charge.
    4. Late check-out up to 11.00 am is at the discretion of the Motel manager and must be requested the night before check out. Late check out after 11.00am will incur the full rate of one (1) nights’ accommodation.
    5. An acceptable current form of photographic identification will need to be produced at the Motel on check-in.
    1. In the event that the Lancefield Lodge has a legitimate cause for concern, or if the guest has not been seen nor been contactable over a period of time, or if the room has been unable to be serviced for more than two (2) consecutive days, the room may be entered by a motel representative to ensure the safety and comfort of the guests is in order
    2. For the comfort of all of our guests, we ask that noise is kept to a minimum so everyone can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable stay. We request that any visitors leave rooms by 9pm (21.00) each evening. Please also extend this courtesy to our neighbours when entering and exiting the building or car park.
    1. Reception is open until 7pm most nights. If you are planning to arrive after 7pm you must contact management to make alternative arrangements.
    1. AU $500 Pre-authorisation (on credit card supplied) will be processed at least 4 days prior to arrival. The pre-authorised amount is set aside by the credit card company. The pre-authorisation may affect your available funds balance or spending limit. The credit card company will release the pre-authorised funds according to their time frame.
    2. For more information on this practice we suggest the cardholder contact their card issuer. Once a pre-authorisation has been made, we cannot release, remove or lower the authorised amount. This is a restriction placed on us by the bank, and cannot be negotiated.
    3. The Bond money will ONLY be returned to the person whose name appears on the written receipt. Photo Identification will be required.
    4. All bond rooms are subject to a visual inspection of the room on departure prior to refunding the bond.
    1. Entry into Motel rooms is conditional upon a signed guest registration form, presentation of valid credit card and photo Id.
    2. Due to fire regulations & Covid 19 rules, Management must be aware of the number of guests in all rooms.
    3. All room rates are for the stated number of guests, fees apply for additional guests.
    4. The cost of meals for extra guests is also the responsibility of the person signing the guest registration form.
    5. If in the course of a guests stay, and contributable to any guests or visitors of that room, any unforeseen expenses that become apparent, the signing guests credit card will be charged an amount, appropriate to the expense, at a rate determined by the Lancefield Lodge. In the case of a bond, the bond funds will be held in reserve until such time that all costs associated with the said expenses are recovered including any legal fees incurred. Any remaining money will be refunded to the guests.
    The registered guest is responsible and will be held accountable for any breakages or damage incurred within their room or within the associated venue including those by third parties. The motel reserves the right to process any additional charges incurred to the credit card provided at check in. The Lancefield Lodge reserves the right to on charge the guests for additional cleaning should one of the following, but not limited to:
    1. Strictly NO partying in individual rooms or group gatherings in 1 room.
    2. Smoking in rooms – $200.00 or greater cleaning fee will be charged.
    3. Lost or stolen keys will incur a $100 fee. Attempts will be made to contact the guest who will be given the opportunity to return keys taken. Failure to do so will result in the fee being charged to their credit card or bond.
    4. Room degradation (such as vomit, blood, bodily wastes) a minimum of $200 cleaning fee will be charged, plus any professional floor cleaning charges at cost, replacement items plus a daily room tariff equal to the daily tariff that we would charge if the room was available to be let or any other rate that may be agreed to by the management, in accordance with business demand on the day, until the said room has been returned to its saleable condition.
    5. Excessive rubbish
    6. Spills or stains to carpet
    7. Flooding of rooms from negligent activity
    8. Use of glitter or confetti is not permitted
    9. Damage caused by decorations or attachments
    10. Damage or removal of Motel property
    11. Inappropriate use of motel property resulting in damage
    12. Cleaning and/or replacement cost of soiled beds and/or linen
    13. Shuttle costs.
    14. Cost of repair or replacement for general damage or theft of Motel property and any problem sufficient to result in a room being withdrawn from its availability to be let. In extreme cases, criminal charges will be pursued.
    15. Cost of meals, drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic), snacks.
    1. A reservation made directly with the motel, may be modified with the motel. An email notifying of modification is necessary.
    2. A modification to a reservation is subject to the motel’s availability at the time the modification is requested and may change the rate and/or require payment of cancellation fees.
    3. A reservation made through a Third Party booking agent ie. Booking.com, FCM, CTM must be modified with the Third Party booking agent
    4. A modification to a reservation MUST be made via email.
    1. A Cancellation request MUST be made via email.
    2. Cancellations made up to 48 hours prior to arrival will NOT incur a fee.
    3. Cancellations made within 48 hours of day of arrival check-in time (2pm)– one nights’ accommodation fee will be charged.
    4. A reservation made directly with the Lancefield Lodge can be cancelled directly with the Motel provided it is within the cancellation period.
    5. A reservation made through a Third Party booking agent ie. Booking.com, FCM, CTM, must be cancelled with the Third Party booking agent at least 48 hrs prior to 2pm check in or one night’s accommodation will be charged.
    6. No Show bookings will incur the first night’s accommodation charge.
    1. NO shows – will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee ( 1 NIGHTS’ ACCOMMODATION)
    2. NO refunds for room changes
    3. NO refunds for early departures
    4. NO refunds given after check-in
    1. Whilst we attempt to satisfy all special requests, we are unable to provide a guarantee.
    1. Zero tolerance party policy.
    2. In the interest of quiet enjoyment and respect for all guests at the motel, a no party policy applies to all guests staying at the property. Guests are expected to be respectful of other guests at all times, and to be quiet between 9pm-7am. No group congregations in individual guest rooms are permitted or tolerated. Immediate eviction with no refund applies to any breaches of this policy.
    3. Bookings of 3 or more rooms are required to pay $500 bond per room upfront at the time of booking to secure booking. This will be refunded upon check-out once Management has deemed appropriate group behaviour conducive to The Lancefield Lodge policies.
    4. Group bookings of 5 or more rooms will have free cancellation up to 14 days prior to check in. Cancellation between 7-14 days prior to check in will incur the first night’s accommodation cost for all rooms booked (deposit). Cancellation with less than 7 days notice of check in date will incur the total accommodation cost with no refund.
    5. Group bookings of 5 or more rooms will require a deposit upon booking acceptance. Deposit cost is the first night’s accommodation for all rooms (Credit Card or Direct Deposit). Full payment is required no later than 14 days prior to arrival (Credit Card or Direct Deposit)
    1. Infants under 2 years with own Fold Out Cot – no charge
    2. A fee applies for Fold Out Cot hire
    1. All guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
    2. In instances where it is necessary that an minor Must be accommodated, a Responsibility Waiver must be provided by the legal guardian.
    3. The property has the right to refuse any booking, when the legal guardian over 18 cannot provide current photo ID, when requested on check-in.
  20. PETS
    1. The Lancefield Lodge does not allow Pets, with the following exceptions:.
      1. The Lancefield Lodge does at its discretion permit pets and assistance dogs. These dogs are required to be harnessed at all times and must be wearing their identifying vest. Own caged bedding must be provided & inspected upon request. Please advise at the time of booking if you will be travelling with a Registered Dog.
      2. AU $200 cleaning fee for carpet and any soft furnishing affected by animals may apply.
      3. Pets in vehicles/trailers may only be permitted by prior specific arrangement.
      4. Barking dogs will not be tolerated and will result in guests and their dogs being evicted from the motel, with no refund of monies
    1. Cooking in guest rooms is strictly forbidden by Health Authorities with the exception of the use of the kettle, microwave and toasters supplied.
    2. Fees for additional cleaning may apply should guest cook inside a guest room.
  22. FIRE
    1. Due to Fire regulations, Management must be aware of the number of guests in rooms.
    2. NO CANDLES OR OPEN FLAMES PERMITTED. Should the Fire Alarm be activated, the cost of Emergency Services attending, will be charged to the guest.
    1. All rooms are non-smoking. There are ashtrays placed around the outside of the property for convenience. Any guest found to litter the property with cigarette butts will be charged $50 clean up fee to their credit card.
    2. Burning of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, candles and incense is not permitted in rooms.
    3. All internal walkways and Public areas are non-smoking.
    4. All external walkways and public areas are non-smoking.
    5. Penalties will be charged to guests who smoke in rooms. (see 12.1)
  24. DRUGS
    1. Drugs – illegal drugs, substances or any paraphernalia are banned
    2. Possession or usage of drugs can lead to police reporting and prosecution.
    1. Lost property found on the premises is logged and kept in a secure location for a period of three (3) months. Thereafter items are either disposed of or donated to charity. The Lancefield Lodge accepts no responsibility for contacting individuals in relation to lost property. Perishable items retrieved from rooms after check out are only held until close of business that day.
    2. Claimed items can be collected from the Lancefield Lodge with valid identification or alternatively a self -addressed & postage paid bag can be sent to the Lancefield Lodge & postage on behalf of the guest will be arranged. (or a pre-paid Express Post bag can be arranged) The Lancefield Lodge uses the service offered by Australia Post. The motel accepts no responsibility for items sent via post once the item has been delivered to the local post office.
    1. The Lancefield Lodge reserves the right to refuse entry to the motel for any reason whatsoever including where the guest has engaged in conduct on a previous occasion adverse to the motel. It is a Management’s discretion to refuse service or entry. Motel staff have the right to refuse service or remove patrons for inappropriate or offensive behavior.
    The Lancefield Lodge may evict a guest or visitors at their discretion at any time should their behaviour or actions be: (but not limited to);
    1. Inappropriate or offensive behaviour
    2. Intoxication
    3. Overcrowding – when the number of persons in the room exceeds the capacity
    4. Throwing of objects from rooms or from windows
    5. Physical or verbal abuse or assault towards motel representatives, security or other guests
    6. Wilful damage to the Lancefield Lodge property
    7. Any incident for which the police need to be called onto the premises
    8. If a Licensee barring is initiated or in affect
    9. Any behaviour posing a safety threat to others
    10. Ignoring requests to reduce excessive noise (music or other noise)
    Management and staff work hard to provide a safe and secure environment. We do everything possible to ensure a secure environment is maintained and we ask that our guest do also. The Lancefield Lodge does not take responsibility for any loss or personal possessions, stolen or misplaced whilst on the premises.
    Copies of these terms and conditions are available from The Lancefield Lodge and our website – www.thelancefield.com.au
    Upon signing our guest registration form, you agree that your access to and use of the motel is subject to these terms and conditions. We do our best to ensure reservation arrangements are satisfactory, however, the Lancefield Lodge does not accept any liability for any loss financial or otherwise, travel delay, injury, damage, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any events which are beyond our control. These include, but not limited to, flight delays or cancellations, civil disturbances, defects in vehicles, theft, acts of terrorism, natural disaster, war, fire, floods, acts of God, acts of Government or of any authorities, changes to Government regulations, accident to or failure of machinery or equipment, maintenance requirements or industrial action.

Thank you,
Management, The Lancefield

Official Opening in 2020!

Our website will be continually updated as we progress. Things to look out for include our Bar, Wine Tasting Station, the launch of Home Table, bringing you a rustic home style menu & long lunches…..YUM!!


Due to limited staffing during holidays, please note that Elsie’s Diner & Bar & all common areas (pool, sauna & recreation room) will be closed from May 18 & re-open on July 3 2024. Thank you for your understanding